Memphis Foodies Share Their Favorite Meals Around Town

There are SO many great places to dine in Memphis right now that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose where to eat. We turned to the experts for help!


2015-01-05 Commercial Appeal ‘Feeding Memphis’ tells stories, reveals recipes, behind 28 notable restaurants by Michael Lollar

2014-11-07 Commercial Appeal Sweet Grass chef Ryan Trimm launching CSA for produce, prepared items by Jennifer Biggs

2014-11-04 Memphis Flyer A Taste of the New Menu at Sweet Grass by John Klyce Minervini

2014-10-04 Outstanding In The Field

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2014-08-13 Memphis Flyer Ryan Trimm’s Cornless Succotash Recipe by John Klyce Minervini

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2014-04-15 Commercial Appeal Deviled eggs are holiday tradition you don’t want to mess with by Cindy Wolff

2014-03-26 Commercial Appeal Local, regional chefs offer their talents to Le Bonheur fundraiser by Fredric Koeppel

2014-02-26 Commercial Appeal Event is young, but tastes spans decades by Jennifer Biggs

2014-02-01 Memphis Magazine Join Local Chefs Sunday for James Beard “Made in Memphis” Dinner by Pamela Denney

2014-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2014 Best Restaurant, Sweet Grass

2014-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2014 Best New American, Sweet Grass

2014-01-16 I Love Memphis Go East to Eat Southward

2013-11-01 Memphis Magazine Forest of Dreams: The Grove at Ole Miss is to college football what Valhalla was to Norse warriors. There is no other place like it on earth by Greg Akers

2013-10-29 Samuel Monsour Sweet Grass & Salt Water by Samuel Monsour

2013-10-07 Memphis Flyer Southward Introduces New Vegetable-Laden Special Menu by Justin Fox Burks

2013-09-26 Memphis Flyer 2013 Best New American Cuisine, Sweet Grass

2013-09-04 Memphis Flyer Judging the Cochon Heritage BBQ by Stacey Greenberg

2013-09-01 Memphis Magazine Here’s a Look at the Food and Fun From Cochon Heritage BBQ at Beale Street Landing by Pamela Denney

2013-09-01 Memphis Magazine Ryan Trimm’s Southward Fare & Libations Could Easily Become Your New Favorite Place: Cooper-Young Chefs Spins New Magic in East Memphis by Pamela Denney

2013-08-02 caramelized Southward Fare & Libations

2013-08-01 Memphis Magazine Memphis Chef Star Power Shows Oregon How to Barbecue Like a Southerner by Leslie Kelly

2013-07-25 Memphis Flyer Cochon Heritage BBQ Expands, Contracts by Susan Ellis

2013-07-01 Memphis Magazine Here’s a Look at Ryan Trimm’s New East Memphis Restaurant Southward Fare & Libations by Pamela Denney

2013-07-01 Memphis Magazine Cochon Heritage BBQ Returns to Memphis Labor Day Weekend by Pamela Denney

2013-07-01 Memphis Magazine Memphis Chefs Headed to Portland to Roast a Pig (Among Other Things) by Pamela Denney

2013-05-17 Memphis Business Journal Sweet Grass owner eyes East Memphis by Andy Ashby

2013-05-02 Memphis Flyer Onward, Upward: Ryan Trimm to open Southward in Regalia by Hannah Sayle

2013-04-29 Memphis Flyer Win Tickets to Brooks’ Vin-a-Que: The Art of Swine and Wine

2013-04-25 Memphis Flyer Sweet Grass Chef Ryan Trimm to Open New Spot in Regalia by Hannah Sayle

2013-02-06 Commercial Appeal Whining & Dining: Keep voting, show them how we do grit, grind by Jennifer Biggs

2013-02-01 Memphis Magazine Cooper Young Chili Cook Off at Peabody School: Celebrity Judges, Fun People and Good Eats by Pamela Denney

2013-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2013 Hippest Bar Setting, Next Door

2013-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2013 BEST Place to Watch The Game, Next Door

2013-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2013 BEST New American Cuisine, Sweet Grass

2013-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2013 BEST Salad, Sweet Grass

2012-11-21 Commercial Appeal The Southern Tastes Panel: Thanksgiving leftovers by Jennifer Biggs

2012-10-04 Memphis Flyer 2012 Best New American Cuisine, Sweet Grass

2012-09-03 Memphis Flyer Cochon Heritage BBQ: Saturday by Hannah Sayle

2012-09-01 Memphis Magazine Cooper Street Revival! 101 Things to See & Do Along Midtown’s “Magic Mile”

2012-08-22 Commercial Appeal Foodie heaven: three days of food and drink by Jennifer Biggs

2012-08-01 Memphis Magazine Cochon Heritage BBQ: Bloody Mary Tailgate Party, Snout-to-Tail Cook-Off and Piglet Sadie by Pamela Denney

2012-07-01 Commercial Appeal Le Bonheur fundraiser brings out the best in chefs by Jennifer Biggs

2012-06-28 Memphis Flyer In a Pickle: Locally made pickles are on the rise by Hannah Sayle

2012-06-27 Commercial Appeal Big night for Le Bonheur and Memphis chefs by Jennifer Biggs

2012-04-24 FuzzyBrew Recap of ‘Adult Field Day’ at Sweet Grass Next Door with Yazoo Brewing Company

2012-03-29 Memphis Flyer Theme On: Sweet Grass Next Door celebrates classic cocktails by Hannah Sayle

2012-03-01 Memphis Magazine End of Prohibition Party At Sweet Grass Next Door by Pamela Denney

2012-02-08 Commercial Appeal From the heart: Romantic meal starts with knowing what your sweetheart really likes by Melissa Petersen

2012-02-01 Memphis Flyer Restaurateurs Respond to MBJ’s Best Chef in Memphis Bracket by Susan Ellis

2012-02-01 Memphis Magazine In a Class by Themselves: These CBHS grads have more in common than just school ties by Hannah Sayle

2012-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2012 BEST Restaurant, Sweet Grass

2012-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2012 BEST Salad, Sweet Grass

2011-09-01 Memphis Magazine Playlist: top-ten list of best dishes by Pamela Denney

2011-08-01 Memphis Magazine Who’s Who in Memphis

2011-07-03 Food & Wine The People’s Best New Chef Finalist, Southeast

2011-06-07 FuzzyBrew Beer, wine to face off again in dinner at Sweet Grass in Memphis

2011-06-04 FuzzyBrew Yazoo Pint Night – and a special cask – at Sweet Grass Next Door in Memphis

2011-04-07 I Love Memphis No Reservations at Sweet Grass? Go to Next Door

2011-03-18 Memphis Business Journal Grass getting sweeter in cooper-young by Andy Ashby

2011-02-28 Memphis Daily News Tuna Dish Embodies Sweet Grass’ Stellar Fare by Fredric Koeppel

2011-02-23 Commercial Appeal One and done: Single-pot meals ‘the way to cook at home,’ chefs agree by Fredric Koeppel

2011-02-16 Commercial Appeal Whining & Dining: Economical beef roast stretches into veggie stew by Jennifer Biggs

2011-02-15 Memphis Flyer Ryan Trimm Up for Best New Chef by Susan Ellis

2011-02-01 Memphis Magazine 2011 Best New Restaurant, Sweet Grass

2010-11-17 Commercial Appeal Update Thanksgiving menu with new twists on traditional sides by Jennifer Biggs

2010-09-23 Memphis Flyer 2010 Best New Restaurant, Sweet Grass

2010-07-01 Memphis Magazine Sweet & Low: Sweetgrass: a fine introduction to the low-country cuisine of the Carolinas in Cooper-Young by Amy Lawrence

2010-05-13 Dining With Monkeys Sweet Grass

2010-04-12 norococo Tasted: Sweet Grass

2010-04-01 Memphis Flyer Block Party: Meet the neighbors: Sweet Grass and Escape Alley Sundry by Hannah Sayle

2010-02-24 Commercial Appeal As eateries close in Cooper-Young, replacements move in with fresh concepts by Toby Sells