2020 has been an extremely difficult year.  The last 5 weeks have been gut wrenching while trying to decide what is right for our team, as well as our community, as this pandemic continues to create unclimbable mountains for us all.  We tried to remain open to keep our team employed and making money through the Holiday Season.  In the last 24 hours we heard rumors of our local, state, and federal governments still unable to push their indecisiveness aside so that we could all move forward with our plans.  Shutting us down is hard to swallow, but not knowing what to plan for is even more difficult for us all to bear.  So today, with our municipal leaders unable to confirm their directive, we made the decision to close the doors to our dining room for the next two weeks as we figure out our next steps.  Sweet Grass will have its last service of the year on Sunday, Dec 20 from 11am-7pm.  Please have our team in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this Christmas season uncertain of when we can return to work.  We will serve our Christmas and New Year’s Eve packages over the next 14 days from Sweet Grass.  We hope to return with Curbside and Delivery from Sweet Grass in early 2021.  

We wish you all the merriest of Holiday Seasons and look forward to feeding you soon!

Ryan Trimm
Co-owner, Across the Board Restaurant Group